August 1, 2014: | The Times-Picayune

Margaret Munz-Losch sketches the psychology of childhood at Whitney White Linen Night By Doug MacCash

Memphis–based artist Margaret Munz-Losch is a master of colored pencil drawing. At a distance, her portraits at Jonathan Ferrara gallery are velvety photorealistic marvels. Close up they are equally marvelous skeins of energetic colored lines."

January 31 - February 16, 2013: Memphis Flyer

Shock of the Now, The Dixon Gallery Considers Memphis in the Present Tense

"Black Cat, White Rabbit, 2009" Featured Cover Art."

December 27, 2012: Memphis Flyer

The End, A recap of art in Memphis in 2012. by Dwayne Butcher

"Margaret Munz-Losch's exhibition "Beauty and the Beast," at L Ross Gallery, was easily the best exhibition in Memphis this year. Someone needs to start an annual art awards ceremony similar to the Ostrander theater awards. The event could be held at the Cannon Center, and I could be the host. Munz-Losch and her paintings of fantastic beings would sweep every category. Seriously, I cannot stop thinking about this exhibition. It is like an obsession."

November 29, 2012: Memphis Flyer

Hauntingly Beautiful by Dwayne Butcher

"Munz-Losch's world is much more complex and interesting than this and so are the characters that inhabit this world. Beauty and ugliness are intertwined in each of the compositions. A twisted humor is afoot, worthy of Tim Burton, in each of the pieces as well."

November 16, 2012: Commercial Appeal

Beauty Hides Beast Within by Fredric Koeppel

"...if I were an artist and gazed long enough at Munz-Losch's efforts in colored pencil and watercolor drawings or acrylic and colored pencil paintings, I might vow never to pick up pencil or brush again."

Spring, 2008: The Pinch

Good, Clean Prose, Review of Pinch, Spring 2008 by Vince Corvaia

“All of the visual art is arresting and beautiful, and my two favorites are Margaret Munz-Losch's "Lullaby: Madonna of the Moss" and Adam Remsen's "Still Life with Stool." They're as different as can be, "Lullaby" a lush rural painting of eerie beauty,..”

October 11, 2007: Memphis Flyer

Something Old, Something New by Carol Knowles

"You'll find the most unsettling, show-stopping symbolism at L Ross Gallery in Margaret Munz-Losch's exhibition, "Damnatio Memoriae." An armadillo sits inside a rotting cypress stump in Munz-Losch's primordial six-foot-tall painting Lullaby: Madonna of the Moss. Instead of her own litter of pups, the armadillo holds an armless human baby whose left eye is milky white. Fire ants march around the infant's forehead like a crown of thorns."

May 29, 1990: Los Angeles Times

ART REVIEWS : Friedkin Photos Explore the Real and Unreal in Hollywood by Susan Muchnic

"Loaded with symbolism and highly detailed, these paintings betray a fascination with the seductions and excesses of organized religion."